Monday, September 22, 2008

Summer Photos

I haven't posted in a while (in case you haven't noticed :). I just found these snap shots from this summer and thought I would post them. We have such a wonderful family!

These fishing shots are from when we were at Mark's aunt's in South GA. We get to stay with her and fish and swim. It is very relaxing!

Maddie would jump off the diving board to Mark.This is Sophie, she is Mark's 1st cousin's daughter...she is the girl's 3rd cousin??? Whatever, she is cousin Sophie and she is a doll!You know they were not really sleeping but we tried laying them down together for a nap...that did not last long.This is Pops riding Maddie and Callie (Callie is Mark's sister Becky's daughter)This is Jenna (Callie's sister). Maddie and Jenna are 6 months apart. They are quite a pair!This is Emilee (Mark's brother Matt's daughter). She is 2 months older than Cassy and they are also quite a pair!This is Will. He is the only boy on Mark's side (there are 7 girls). He is Mark's brother Brad's son.This is Hannah. She is my brother Derrick's daughter. She stayed with us for a week this summer. Wow, we had so much fun!

Thanks for checking in with us. Maybe someday I will post about the consignment sale and the wedding...2 of the things that we have been consumed by lately. Until then!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dollywood Fun

I am obviously not good about hopping on here to post all the time. I have to wait until I need to write a book to catch up! I do not know why this is?

I am going to try to give up the feeling of guilt that I have that I am so behind on this blog that I just cannot attack it right now. I am going to try to just post on the events that I can and not feel like if everything is not included, I am not including anything. So here goes...

We have enjoyed Dollywood several times this summer. Last week we were able to go with a few of Mark's family. We had such a wonderful time. Here are some of our shots.
They love riding the cars. It is always the first thing we do when we arrive.This is Jenna. She is 6 months older than Maddie. This was actually on her birthday. She is so cute and so much fun. Maddie just loves her to death.

Dakota was able to go with us. Cassy was so thrilled to have her with us. She is wearing Cindy's hat (Mark's sister).They are just as mischievous as they look!This is Mark's sister, Becky. She is Jenna's mom :)This is Abby and Jeremiah climbing the Lumber Jack. Jeremiah is Cindy's husband, Steve's youngest son. He has been great fun in the family!Getting wet is always one of the highlights!This was in the backyard. My dad built this for the girls and they have loved it.Maddie is just as big as the other girls, or so she thinks!

Thanks for checking in with us.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Continuing the journey...

The Statue of Liberty
Well since I last posted (as usual), a lot has happened! We spent a week at my brother's in Nashville. Mark helped him in his house with an addition he is doing. The girls and I enjoyed spending time with Cindy and Hannah. I hate it...but I did not get any pictures of Hannah. She is such a cutie though.

We traveled with a quartet to PA, WV, MD, NJ, and NY. It was a great experience. We were able to see many things on our travels including: Philadelphia, NYC, Antietam Battle Field, Gettysburg, and Washington D.C. Some of these stops were brief but still exciting. We are thankful for the opportunity the Lord gave us to travel with those boys. We enjoyed them very much!

I am posting a few pictures from our trip but once again, I did not do such a great job at capturing all of our memories.
In Nashville, we went to a Science Museum. It was educational and fun :)
We were able to spend a day in Philadelphia. We saw the Liberty Bell and many other interesting things including the room where the Bill of Rights were signed.
We spent Saturday, Cassy's Birthday in NYC. What fun! This was a view of the city from the NJ side.
This was the Farris Wheel in Toys R' Us at Times Square. We were in the M & M Car.
Abby had saved her money from her birthday and from helping me at home. She had Molly's hair fixed at the Salon in the American Girl Store.
Cassy bought Elizabeth, from the Felicity Collection, with her birthday money. Abby bought Molly a new dress and some accessories.
The ferry ride out to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty.
On our way home, we took about an hour and a half driving tour of DC. It was worth the extra drive!

We are thankful for our travels but are glad to have spent a couple of weeks at home :) There's no place like home!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We finished our two weeks of traveling with the Crown College trio. It does feel good to be home but we enjoyed very much our time on the tour. The Lord blessed us in so many ways.

Our last post we were in Hopkinsville, KY:
We enjoyed being with Pastor Shaver and his wife at Greater Cumberland Baptist Church. They were so kind to our family and the trio. It was thrilling to see what God has done in their church family. Their facility is amazing. This was the ribbon-cutting:
We were also able to be with Pastor John Dalton in Clarksville, KY. It was great to be with them. Pastor Dalton was our teacher in the Singles Department at Temple before Mark and I were married. Their children have grown so much and we enjoyed getting reaquainted.

We were able to be with Pastor Dan Cox and his family for a Tuesday Evening Service at Berean Baptist Church in White House, TN. We had a nice picnic at a park and fed the ducks. Their children, Phoebe and Ethan, are such cuties. We had a great time with them. Their facilities are so nice. The Lord is working in their church. Dan and Marie are faithfully serving the Lord there, just outside of Nashville.
We were able to be with Pastor Mike Norris at Franklin Road Baptist Church for their Wednesday Evening Service. They had so much going on for that Wednesday night. We were able to hear Evangelist John Bishop preach and meet Jonathon Gibbs, missionary to Peru. We had a nice meal together after the service at Cracker Barrel. The trio sang in their Christian school also.

Our only experience of a stay in someone's home was a very good one. Excluding Maddie waking up and coming into the hall and yelling for me and Maddie letting the dog out and having it scare her to death the next morning, it was the perfect night's stay. We stayed with a wonderful couple that are planning to come to Crown in the fall. They were such a sweet family. The Lord was so good to us in allowing us the opportunity to be with them.

We dropped off the trio in Knoxville and headed up to Ohio to be with our dear friends, Jimmy and Alicia Reagan. We had the wonderful opportunity to be with their church, First Baptist Church, for a ladies banquet (Mark did not have this opportunity :) and to be in their services on Sunday. We had a great time of fellowship with them. The Lord always uses them to encourage us. The Lord is really blessing that ministry. We also enjoyed a great day with them and the children at the Children's Museum in Cincinnati. What fun! Thank you Reagans for a wonderful weekend of fun and fellowship.

This week we have been home and able to catch up on a few things. The college had an All-Star Tournament this weekend that Mark was able to coordinate. We had several boys from different Christian schools to play basketball and see the college. I pray that the Lord uses this to call some of them to come to Crown.

I didn't mean for this to be a journal, but I wanted to share the different churches we have had the opportunity to be in. It is encouraging to meet other people serving the Lord.

Thanks for checking in with us. We will have more journeying in a few weeks. So...check back.

Just a few pictures of "Princess Maddie" as she was all dressed up for a birthday party today. They all were so cute.